Zhuhai 株海, China: romantic and only partially debased

Within China, Zhuhai is known as the “Romantic City.” Beaches covered with brides in rented white gowns. Bicycles built for three cruising past palm trees on Lover’s Road. Elegant multi-storied seafood restaurants.

From Hong Kong and the rest of the world, it’s known as the “dark side of the moon” or the place where I house my mistress and golf.

Seven years ago, I, as a casual web-searcher of “Zhuhai,” found posts on air-shows and a massive Japanese-orgy that had the misfortune of coinciding with the anniversary of the Nanking Massacre. Regarding the latter, life sentences for the organizers resulted. Regarding the former, it goes on yearly except when air pollution too severely reduces visibility.

Zhuhai is now glittering with tall residential towers, wide boulevards, an almost completed rail line to Guangzhou and a (possible) bridge link to Hong Kong.

I was happy to call it my home for 3.5 years.


(With thanks to the author’s mom, elbeimagery, for the photo.)

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