Chinese Christmas Party and the American Prude

There had been earlier clues about Zhuhai’s lasciviousness, but a company party at one of the city’s outlying hot spring resorts confirmed its racy nature.

The Christmas party began normally enough with a typical Cantonese banquet of whole fish, vegetables, meaty-bits-of-something and rice. Everyone then left the brightly lit room and shuffled down to the dark, more theatrically lit, performance room.

The night continued with the normal Chinese rotation of variety-entertainment by company employees: singing, hokey skits, foreigners pressured to perform, etc.

Then the atmosphere changed subtly and young women, who were not company employees, appeared on stage. At first they just danced. Then they started pole dancing. Pole dancing at a company holiday party. Pole dancing in front of a group of mixed-gender, very sweet and young company employees. No one batted an eyelash. They clapped along. I glanced sideways at my partner’s Singaporean boss. The boss acted like it was the most natural thing in the world. Pole dancing at a Christmas party. So, this (apparent) American prude ordered another beer and nodded along to the music.

(My only regret is the lack of a better picture of the actual pole dancing portion of the show.)

6 responses to “Chinese Christmas Party and the American Prude

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  2. It happened to me too, at a chinese company party where I was invited… there it was kids even, but no one seemed to see that weird whatsoever..! 😀 Though they didnt pole danced, they were dressing “light” and danced reeeaally hot, but the most amazing thing is that no-one seemed to see how out of place that performance was..! 🙂

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