The Retrograde Chinese Lesson

Pimsleur language CDs have served me well on my first steps to acquiring Mandarin and now Cantonese. Slightly repetitive, but they do help to jam the correct order of how to say things into your head. No substitute for real in-person lessons, but when you’re in pre-departure mode and want some basics, the CDs are a godsend.

With all those caveats in place: for the love of God, some of the dialogue could use a re-fresh.

(Comic created using Strip Generator)

4 responses to “The Retrograde Chinese Lesson

  1. Pimsleur is indeed very outdated, but for Cantonese at least there aren’t many alternatives. If you don’t already have it, may I suggest the book Wedding Bells by Greenwood Press. It is a good follow on from Pimsleur Cantonese(although quite a leap) and its subject matter is much more interesting.

    • Thanks very much for the tip! I have a few Mandarin readers (intermediate level) that help a lot but haven’t yet gotten that far in Cantonese. Nice to have a good resource waiting for when my Cantonese has improved a bit.

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