“Plagues” of the first days in a new place

13 responses to ““Plagues” of the first days in a new place

  1. Oh, too funny! We also have pleeenty of cockroaches and I too named them! So the first one was Walther and he was living under the dryer.
    And the church question as well as the mosquitos only sound too familiar, too. I gave up using perfume and instead found a not too bad smelling repellent… It’s a glamorous life! πŸ™‚

    • All things that seem so annoying at first, but that seem to fade into the background over time. I’m guessing you may have church ladies in Korea…

      • Thought of you when I was approached by a very nice South African lady in the park two days ago. Her second question was whether I was a Christian. Her third was whether I was interested in crafty things and fabrics. And then we smiled and drifted our separate ways…

      • Awe thanks for thinking of me! Was she evangelizing you? Here’s a confession, even though I’m a Christian already, sometimes I like to let people “save” me because it makes them feel so good. Like total strangers telling me about Jesus. It’s bad, right?

      • She was perfectly nice. Just trying to help a stranger connect in a new place. It all has more to do with me: Growing up in Utah (as a non-Mormon) I probably have an unnecessarily strong (negative) reaction to strangers asking me about religion. Your approach is more friendly.

      • Oh that’s understandable! I’ve always wanted to visit Utah, it look so pretty from pictures. I imagine you got a lot of questions about faith there. πŸ™‚ I’m reading all your recent posts now and wondering how you ended up in China. Are you with hotel management?

      • My husband is an engineer that got sucked into management for a big, int’l electronics company. So, for the time being, we’re all just enjoying the ride of being taken where they need help making/designing things.

      • Ooh how fun! I wish we could go any as many adventures as you have. One day I think we will! What’s your top destination? Like if you could pick. I want to live in Italy so bad! But who doesn’t?

      • That’s a really tough question. I tend to think that everyplace has really good and negative points, but I’ll say we really enjoyed our time in Zhuhai, China. Nice friends, fun to learn a new language through full immersion, extreme “exotic/foreign” feeling, but still close enough to Hong Kong/Macau to have a taste of home from time to time. But, if we moved back it would all be different. Cambridge, UK was also really special, but for completely different reasons. Travel-wise, I’ve had really lovely experiences in Spain and Turkey.

    • Oh they easily made it to the 24th floor… I assume crawling up pipes and through stairwells(?). That was in Jida at Hai Wan Hua Yuan. Here in Hong Kong we haven’t had too many (touch wood).

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