Expat blog love

Chuffed to have been nominated for two blogging awards by two lovely follow bloggers!

Expat Alien nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. She writes about growing up as a “third culture kid” and has some wonderful posts about her expat experiences as a child and adult. She is working on a memoir that I look forward to reading one day.

中国Jumble kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award. She shares a lot of great photos and stories of her time spent living in China and bouncing around Asia.

Now it’s my turn to share seven things about myself:

1. When I was eight, I felt supremely cool when my family ventured out of Mazatlan, Mexico’s “Golden Zone” (i.e., the “safe tourist area”). We saw a butchered pig’s head! We saw food at a wet market! This trip was my first time on an airplane.

2. I was (am?) a lawyer and I don’t know what exactly I’ll do next. Never a law-firm lawyer, but more of a groovy public interest/international development lawyer. (i.e., the kind that makes a lot less money)

3. I am a statistics nerd who takes part-time classes via the Open University (in the UK and soon in Hong Kong too).

4. My parents married and divorced each other…twice… But since they originally married in the Mormon Temple, I think they are technically still “sealed for time and all eternity.” That will be awkward.

5. I use too many parentheticals.

6. My favorite movies are “Animal House” and “Lawrence of Arabia.”

7. My five-year-old daughter has celiac disease, which is manageable via a strict, life-long, gluten-free diet. This means no wheat, barely, rye or most oats. Sounds like it should be easy in Asia, right? All that rice. Except soy sauce, which is in everything, contains wheat. I blog about this aspect of my life over here at Gluten Free Kids Travel. (And, yes, five years ago, I was the jerk who thought that all these “funny eating requirements” were bogus. Ha! Joke was on me.)

And now (under the Versatile Blogger Award), I’m to “pass it on.” In addition, to the two great bloggers who nominated me, these are some funny expat women worth checking-out:

LostnChina This is such a funny blog about China, elderly Chinese-American parents, fashion mishaps, etc. I get giddy when I see there is a new post to read.

Expatially Mexico Another expat writing up funny stories of a life abroad: flooding condos, language snafus and talking your way out of traffic tickets.

Jadeluxe An expat stenographer living in Hong Kong’s New Territories. Loved her anniversary dinner pictures which noted Hong Kong’s “Earth Hour” failures.

Tales from Hebei What another funny woman? Who was that asshole male comedian who said women aren’t funny?

Outbound Mom Recently landed in Brazil and was crazy enough to let an unknown woman enter her condo last week and get a knife out of her kitchen drawer.

Ladies: I love you. Consider yourselves nominated, but don’t feel pressured to pass on the blog award love to others unless you’re in the mood. One nominating a few, times several iterations=blogging award pyramid scheme! 

7 responses to “Expat blog love

  1. Thank you for the tag, Jen! I *just* got my internet up and running again after a month away my apartment in China and saw this. The 24 hours and fifteen minutes spent trying to get my internet up and running and then onto my VPN and overcome the China firewall was certainly worth it!

  2. What a nice surprise – thanks for including me and for the link!

    My sister was just diagnosed with celiac disease a couple of years ago and just had her first baby (who she is raising gluten free), so I passed along the link to your Gluten Free Kids Travel. I don’t know how you do it! I had a hard time coming up with a menu when my sister came to my house for dinner in the US – I can’t imagine how difficult it is deal with in a foreign country. In Brazil, all packaged food has to be labeled ‘gluten free’ or ‘contains gluten’ so there is hope that she will visit me. Maybe your blog will help her seal the deal!

    • Hope it encourages your sister to visit! Once you get the hang of making everything gluten free (and carefully planning all vacations) it’s not so bad. And honestly, she was so very, very ill when she was diagnosed I was just overjoyed that had a disease that is completely manageable by diet.

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