Hot and humid in Hong Kong

4 responses to “Hot and humid in Hong Kong

  1. I feel the same way everyday! The playground at my apartment complex is full of kids with their nannies (who are easily identifiable by their head to toe white outfits). Besides for a Japanese woman that lives in my building, I’m the only mom who doesn’t work and is out with her kids during the day. I wish someone was paying me!

    • Who knew that Hong Kong and Brazil could be so similar?! Everything is altered to suit the maid/helper lifestyle and if you’re not in that rhythm it’s a bit lonely and difficult.

  2. I find in the summer I have to jog right when it’s light enough outside, otherwise it’s just too too hot. But kudos to you for jogging in this weather!

    • I’ve inched forward to 6 am which seems to be ok. But I’m still the only person out there not being paid. I think everyone else may have better running routes that avoid the killer hills in my neighborhood. I need to follow the hard core guy that runs at 10 am and see where he goes…

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