Macau for the weekend? My thoughts on “House of the Dancing Waters”

My synopsis of the actual show: Stunt upon stunt upon stunt including many dramatic stage changes: now there’s a pool, now there’s not, now people are falling from the rafters, now there’s a boat and a bunch of guys dressed in leather harnesses!

All this madness is wrapped around a slightly S&M, barely understandable storyline. Something about an Asian princess, an evil European queen and dual male heros: one Asian, one Western. Oh and it appears to be set in the “Age of Discovery” but with motorcycles. And, for good measure, there are a few loin-cloth-clad Africans as well.

If you plan to go before it wraps up in June (after an almost two year run) sometime between now and the end of time–it now seems to be a permanent fixture in Macau–prepare to drink wine before and after.

6 responses to “Macau for the weekend? My thoughts on “House of the Dancing Waters”

  1. I love the promotional quote that says he/she was grateful to God for the experience. Can’t say that’s how I’ve ever responded to any kind of show!

    Do you use Illustrator to make these? I love them!

    • I know, I almost couldn’t believe they actually used the quote about being grateful to God for the experience.

      I’m not creative enough for Illustrator (and don’t have the time) so I use Strip Generator, which is pretty “drag and drop.” Glad you like the comics, I always have fun making them.

    • Did you see it too? I think I enjoyed watching the audience more than the show: the first five rows in all directions wearing plastic rain ponchos and lots of exclamations of “whaaaaaaa!!!” in that “full of awe” way that Chinese-speakers do.

      • I haven’t seen the one in Macau, but I’ve seen a show in Beijing that was just as random and I also saw a water show in Suzhou where the story lines had to pull together. But my top “random show” was definitely in the cultural village in Kunming. That was like Epcot center on some type of mind trip!

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