Guangzhou: actually not quite as bad as “Hell on Earth”

I have a bad opinion of Guangzhou. Driving toward the city from the mouth of the Pearl River, the sky always becomes gradually darker as the air pollution thickens. And once there, it is a sea of elevated roadways, massive junctions, towering apartment blocks and traffic jams. In short: a hellish “Blade Runner” type city.


One winter day, roughly three years ago, I did go to Guangzhou and have a wonderful day of sightseeing. These photos are from that day. Looking at them now, I know that I must give Guangzhou another chance. This time via the express train (to avoid traffic hell) and on a day that’s predicted to be a “Blue Sky Day” (to save my lungs).

13 responses to “Guangzhou: actually not quite as bad as “Hell on Earth”

  1. haha that photo of the photographer lightly caressing the air next to that couple is pretty amazing

  2. Those are beautiful pictures! I especially love the people shots.
    My parents used to travel China rather extensively in the early 80’s. I guess it has changed a lot since then, those photos look nothing like the pictures I saw when I was little. It’s pretty!

    • These are the “nice” pictures of Guangzhou. Most of the time I’ve been there, I really have thought it was hell on earth! China is amazing–always changing and never boring.

  3. I’ve never been a tourist in Guangzhou, just there for work, but you can find beauty in most places with a bit of serendipity! Thanks for sharing.

    • That particular day in Guangzhou was so nice. I’d spent so many other days in traffic or looking for embassies or having my sleeve pulled by hordes of sales girls in the various markets…

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