Across the Pacific by air with two kids

And so our expat home leave begins. I’ll be on a slightly lighter “summertime” blogging schedule for the next two months. Happy summer holidays everyone, wherever you are!

9 responses to “Across the Pacific by air with two kids

  1. Sadly, in our household traveling with children is always immensely more pleasant than traveling with the Other Half. We have now taken the precaution of reserving our seats beforehand, with as much space between him and us as possible…
    Have a fantastic summer!

    • Some things about traveling with children are easier when you know you only have yourself to depend on (then at least you don’t expect a break or help!).

      Thanks for the summer wishes! (and also for the nice tweet).

  2. You are so right about it being somewhat easier to fly with just your kids and know that you have only yourself to depend on. My husband was along to help on our flight to Brazil, but because we booked last minute and didn’t get seats together, he got to sit alone and watch movies while I had to be at the beck and call of two kids the entire time. I just flew back to the US about two weeks ago. It sucked to travel for 22 hours with two small kids and no one to help, but at the same time at least I didn’t have anyone to resent while I did all the work!

    Hope you enjoy your time in the US!

      • This time, coming home wasn’t so weird for me. Before moving to Brazil, I hadn’t lived overseas since 2005, and I was only in Brazil for 3.5 months so things in the US still seem normal to me. Plus, Brazil isn’t half as different from the US as Asia is. I blend in wherever I go in Brazil, and I can actually read signs and menus. But I do remember how weird it was to come home for a visit for the first time after living in Kore for a year and a half. I had major re-entry shock and hated being home for the first few weeks.

  3. Must be nice to escape all that heat and humidity from HK summertime. Enjoy your stay but don’t catch a cold from the ocean breeze off the Pacific 🙂

  4. Have a great home leave. I have never flown with children but have many friends who have. Glad to know that you made it! Happy 4th of July.

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