Hong Kong Juxtaposed

Hong Kong: flashy, self-aware, beautiful, conservative, traditional, local, immigrant, juxtaposed.

Walking down Hong Kong’s Hollywood Road on a recent weekend, my mother and I were passed by a very chic couple. They were turned out beautifully for a Sunday stroll and were very conscious of just how lovely they were.

After checking their reflection in a pane of window glass, they rejoined the sidewalk parade directly in front of two head-scarved young women. The contrast was too much, so my mother, being game for a little photographic juxtaposition and not afraid of taking pictures of strangers, pulled out her camera and started shooting:

One of our subjects had time for a final self-inspection before we were forced to pass her. No, she was not inspecting the climbing gear on display in the shop window.

7 responses to “Hong Kong Juxtaposed

    • She visits roughly 2x per year, so I may end up with some good “pictures of strangers” yet. Or perhaps, coming back around to our other earlier conversation, I should take the plunge and buy a less-intrusive smart phone…

  1. Wintertime is also an excellent time for local fashion watching. HK winters are usually mild but you wouldn’t know it with the locals all decked out in heavy winter gear – full-length leather/fur coats, mittens, neck scarves and fur lined boots. I normally get by with just tee shirts, well worn jeans, a good pair of running shoes and a light windbreaker at most during winter visits. All that walking around actually get me sweaty even during the coldest days of the year.

    I don’t know if HK people have low tolerance for cold weather or they’re just doing it for show but I enjoy the free fashion show nonetheless.

    • I’ll have to plan a special photo taking trip around town when the cool weather sets in! In Zhuhai, it was the same: the temp dips slightly and everyone is wearing knit hats and coats. I’m sure their clothing choices will be more fashionable in certain districts of HK.

      Thanks for the reminder.

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