Expat Bar to Grassland Yurt: One Stolen Phone’s Journey

After jesting that my lost phone ended up in Nairobi, this morning’s South China Morning Post reveals the swift international journey of a similarly lost phone:

“Theft reveals how far mobiles can roam: Most people never see their mobile phones after they are stolen, but Annie Sewell traced her iPhone 3 [stolen from Lan Kwai Fong on Hong Kong Island] to Mong Kok [in Kowloon] and then Mongolia. Whoever had her phone took photos that were automatically uploaded to her iCloud service. But officials could not pinpoint the exact location.”

Source: John Carney, “Stolen iPhone goes roaming … all the way to Mongolia,” South China Morning Post, 14 Oct. 2012.

If you know how to write “second hand mobile phone” in Cantonese, please share. I cheated with Mandarin…

6 responses to “Expat Bar to Grassland Yurt: One Stolen Phone’s Journey

    • Thanks (as always!) for the language tips. I wasn’t sure if any of those characters are different in traditional form or if there was a more “local” way of saying “second hand phone” in Hong Kong.

      As for the Hong Kong Blog Review write-up: I was very, very pleased to receive it! Thanks for the congratulations! And kudos to you for noticing so quickly.

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