Keep your panties bright with “White Overlord”

I spotted this package of “White Overlord” laundry detergent/powder in Tai Po, Hong Kong earlier this month. “Darkie” toothpaste has already transformed into “Darlie,” but the makers of “White Overlord” haven’t yet received the “re-brand to save embarrassment” memo.

Nothing comes up on-line about this “retro” brand (in fact, take care running a search with this product’s name as you get sucked down an internet rabbit hole of hate that you didn’t want to know existed).

Anyone have any insights?

(With thanks to my dad for catching a snap of this label.)

20 responses to “Keep your panties bright with “White Overlord”

      • Not that I can recall, nostalgia in the sense of the little yellow post-it notes they use for displaying the price and the tacky advertising colors on the box and everything really, the devil is in the details. My family used to buy Darlie toothpaste. Glad to see that’s still around.

  1. Hilarious. Though when I lived in Spain they had little cookies called Filipinos. They were dipped in dark chocolate. Made me pretty uncomfortable at the time. Eating a Filipino?

  2. Ahahahahahahahahahahaha! I love this stuff. We’re currently in South India and were in a city the other day that had an area called ‘Jew Town’…it just feels weird to be able to say really un-PC stuff quite legitimately! “I’d like a tuk tuk to Jew Town to buy some White Overlord, please!” Nice….

  3. Tradition dies hard . . . I’m grateful that it fizzles into marketing nonsense and then hopefully fades into oblivion.

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