Current Hong Kong Weather: dank, gray gym sock

Living in Hong Kong the past three weeks has been like living inside a damp, gray gym sock: sunless, gloomy, cold-ish and dankly humid. It’s the kind of weather that breeds viruses, mildew and depression.

It’s the kind of weather that we expect in April, when book edges curl and shoes grow mold from humidity.

We’ve been robbed of what is usually a glorious season when the temperature is perfect and the skies are clear and sunny. It’s the time of year known by expats as “grandparent season” because they all time their trips the coincide with the best Hong Kong weather.

The whole Pearl River Delta is collectively crossing its fingers for a break in the gloom before we’re plunged into winter-proper. It might just be the one thing that Hongkongers and our neighbor’s to the north can unify behind this year.

12 responses to “Current Hong Kong Weather: dank, gray gym sock

  1. Great analogy. We’ve had some gray days here too, but yesterday the sun finally poked its way out. Thank goodness! Hang in – the sun will come.

  2. Oh bummer! Sorry to hear about the terrible extended rainy season. Hopefully you’ll get some clear blue skies and sun soon. Maybe December? It’s wet and rainy here, but nothing like the dank humidity of Asia where you have to empty out the dehumidifiers 2x/day and mold grows on your shoes and clothes anyways… Hang in there!

  3. Seems to me that all great citites when it rains they just go weird…! 🙂 In Barcelona, for example, when it rains a little, the entire city collapses because of the traffic… and the underground sometimes gets flooded..!

  4. “Do jeh” for liking my post about Japanese Metabolism! So, how would HK do with a bevy of capsule apartments and hotels constructed right smack in the middle of Kowloon City or Sham Shui Po? Space is already at a premium, and these structures would be an upgrade for those ‘hoods…even though the intention was for individuals to move in, I’m sure locals (or less-spendy mainlanders) could pack in ten or twelve to a pod.

    On an unrelated note, what are your holiday plans?

    • Two immediate draw-backs pop to mind in for those capsules in the Hong Kong context: (1) where do they hang out their laundry? and (2) all those flat edges, angles and crevices seem ripe for typhoon induced leaking. Could be designed around though.

      I’m staying put in HK for the holidays and enjoying the crazy spectacle that is HK at Christmas (And avoiding flying to the states and running around like crazy trying to see everyone…skype will do the trick.).

      • Indeed about the laundry (though I guess if they were placed on the island that’d be too “low-brow” for the mid-levels (though perhaps if a typhoon threw the locals off-balance, I could find myself with a new pair of jeans…). The leaking is a Sham Shui Po (and a/c speciality)- you are making good reasons to have capsules in HK;)
        And angles, would be bad with the feng shui practitioners (or phonies). Yet the Bank of China is on the up and up…
        Ah yes, the holiday spectacle there. Such as the shoe encased in the cube in fake ice. I remember seeing at HKG a few years ago a pseudo-Masai warrior with shield, spear and Santa esque attire. Has that warm and hospitable monument to confusion been revived (either at the airport or in town)?

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