Merry Christmas Zhuhai Style

This Christmas I finally have a public forum to share the “slightly off” decorations that punctuated my first expat holiday abroad back in 2005. All of these photos are from Zhuhai, China.

You may ask yourself:

  • “Why all the white rabbits?”
  • “Why is Santa drinking with a lion?”
  • “Why are elephants, giraffes and brown bears holding holiday wreaths?”

Don’t think too hard and simply let the holiday joy wash over you!

Zhuhai Christmas decoractions (2005)

Zhuhai Chrstmas 2005



And if that isn’t enough China-based holiday cheer, take a gander at this older post describing my first encounter with pole dancing: Chinese Christmas Party and the American Prude.

Merry Christmas!

13 responses to “Merry Christmas Zhuhai Style

  1. In that first picture, I’m not convinced Santa’s drinking so much as he’s holding one of those old missile warheads from the cold-war Soviet era. Either way, not the Santa who brought me my pink Barbie sports car at the age of 8.

      • Funny how I just noticed this when you brought it up, Jen. It does look like a chicken, but I’d like to think of it as a wayward rubber chicken that fell off of the sleigh filled with toys. What worries me the most is that the lower half of Santa’s body is reversed, so that his bum is facing front.

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