The Nian Monster: A Chinese New Year Story (Part II)

Nian Monster Comic Part II

And now you too know what to do to keep the Nian monster at bay come midnight Saturday!

There are several different versions of the Nian story. Do you have a favorite to share?



(Part One is here.)

12 responses to “The Nian Monster: A Chinese New Year Story (Part II)

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  2. I checked with my husband and he said that he did hear the Nian story growing up in Anhui province in China about 30 years ago. I also caught a commercial over the last few days with the Nian monster in a KFC so I think it is an established story in the culture. Great rendition!

    • Some versions of the story I’ve heard just mention “bright colors” but since there is so much red around right now for the Lunar New Year, sticking with red seemed fitting.

    • Would that be Cai Shen? We used to have a hideous golden pineapple that blared “Cai Shen Dao” while he popped in and out of the top. Scarred my then 2 year old to death.

  3. When I was a young kid I vowed to stay up till dawn during every CNY eve to welcome in Nian but the real motive was always the bragging rights of staying up all night amongst my peers and it was the only day of the year us kids were allowed to do so. My parents usually ended up collecting a snoozing kid in the living room back to bed shortly after midnight. Sigh!

    新年快樂 to you as well .

    • I also remember desperately trying to stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve as a child (Dec 31st rather than Lunar New Year). I remember wiping cold, wet towels on my face to stay alert, but I too always fell asleep!

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