Neon Dogs and Tiny Gods: Color on a grey day in Sai Kung

With three hours to spare in Sai Kung, the “garden leisure district” of Hong Kong, I wandered beneath grey skies and contrived my own color-spotting Easter Egg hunt. Here is what I found:

Colored beach toys in Sai Kung

A father-son outing to the beach.

Colored dogs in Sai Kung

Shockingly bright mini-poodles amongst the hordes of Sai Kung dog enthusiasts.

Colored boats in Sai Kung

Dragon boats at rest.

Colored wall in Sai Kung

Graffiti on a wall near the sea.

Colored signage in Sai Kung

An old paint factory, now hosting a massive “Pricerite” bargain sale. Throngs approached from the other side.

Colored wall in Sai Kung

An advertisement for “Goods of Desire.”

Colored shop stoop in Sai Kung

A small god on the stoop of closed bathroom fitting shop.

Colored shoes on Sai Kung kite enthusiast A kite flyer, clad in orange shoes and donning a headband, who attracted a crowd with his “stairway to heaven” kite.

Colored kites in Sai Kung

9 responses to “Neon Dogs and Tiny Gods: Color on a grey day in Sai Kung

  1. I know *exactly* where that “Goods of Desire–Delay No More” photo was taken. I used to go to Sai Kung with some coworkers after school once a week. I taught in Clear Water Bay. Oh, memories! Lovely photos! I love the kite!

    • Glad to bring back more fond memories! I probably end up in Sai Kung once a month, but I have yet to go to Clear Water Bay. Any favorite places there?

      • Mmm… It’s pretty small, really. There’s not much out there except a few beaches, which are VERY crowded in summer. It’s almost impossible to get a bus to go anywhere—they’re all full! There’s a really great foreigner-friendly grocery store, Fusion, at Silver Strand Beach. And there *is* some great hiking and a golf resort–but I think you have to have a membership to play. All in all, not a lot. Just depends on what you’re looking for. 🙂

  2. Have you yet seen those little toy ponies on wheels (or cows, or whatever livestock) – they have in public spaces in China? The X’mas tree poodles reminded me of them. Kids sit on the toy ponies and kind of hoist themselves up and down to make the ponies move around. I’ll take a picture of it for you next time I see it. (I can see from the expression on your face that you think I’ve got fried rice for brains, but it’s true!)

    • I have seen the very things your talking about. I saw them in the Shekou area of Shenzhen in front of that fake cruise ship restaurant. Something is very disturbing about them…

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