Mortification at the Mechanic’s

Mortification at the Mechanics

My young expat is an equal-opportunity ignorer. Don’t worry, she’s not being rude to you because you’re Chinese, she’s being rude to you because you’re a living, breathing, strange adult. We’re working on our social graces…

15 responses to “Mortification at the Mechanic’s

  1. Is she shy? When I was little I would literally burst into tears if a stranger spoke to me. Now I’m the stranger talking to kids, lol!

    • She is shy. And sometimes she’s also just oblivious. All normal kid stuff, really. I did feel rather bad that the mechanic thought it was because he was Chinese.

  2. Hi, I stumbled across your blog a while back and as a newbie to HK find it an fun read. I had to comment on your latest one though, made me giggle.
    I had the same experience recently with my 4 year old… Am finding it hard to explain that generally he isn’t being rude simply has other things such as scooting / next treat or what’s on Disney Junior are at the fore front of his mind and making pleasantries with unknown old people are just a step too far! Can be highly embarrassing. Another good read…

    • So glad to hear you enjoy my blog and that I got at least one giggle with this comic! I had a look at your fun blog: I can completely relate to getting completely lost driving through Kowloon! Did it on my way to a kid’s birthday party at MegaBox: went through a tunnel under the old airport that I hadn’t known existed!

      It can be so hard for grown ups to remember that kids have a whole lot of interesting/important things going on in side their minds!

  3. Frankly, I would think that in general, Chinese kids are ruder out in public. Parents let them run wild in restaurants, etc. But again, kids will be kids. So glad to have the time to catch up on your posts. Loved this cartoon.

      • It’s quite wonderful. The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom here in Seattle and I’m actually liking the wet. We’ll see how long THAT lasts.

      • I miss that fresh spring smell and feeling. Enjoy it and think of us back here just on the cusp of the hot, sticky, three-bra days season…

  4. Hahahaha! Love this one, Jen, especially your character’s face turning bright pink! πŸ™‚ It’s ok, the evil death glare is a good one to keep in the repertoire.

    • Yes, she has perfected the evil death glare and you’re right that it is sometimes very useful. It was on display this morning when an over-friendly fellow hiker grabbed her cheeks to say hello.

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