Big in America

Expat Lingo Comic "Big in America"

We have arrived in America for the summer. Happy Independence Day!

8 responses to “Big in America

  1. My BIL once, rather rudely, said that “everything in American is bigger, fatter, longer and hairier.” I think he was right 🙂

    • Ha! On many counts he must be right. I nearly fainted at the size of an insulated drink cup I saw at an American Walmart today: it must have been almost as big as my 2 year old.

      Sometimes I feel so ‘alien’ when visiting ‘home’.

    • I’ve only been here a week, but fear l’ll be in dire straits by the time we fly back to Hong Kong if I don’t start finding more time to run! (Plus, I should be taking advantage of all this fresh air!)

      Nice to see you back!

  2. To immerse oneself in American culture by visiting Walmart and watching the latest installment of the Kardashians is very necessary. I used to return to the States and watch several reality TV shows back to back then go shopping in the strip malls and dine at the fast food outlets. After about a month or so of this I was really looking forward to returning to China!

    • I feel completely awash in food, advertising and books about “my true near death experience in heaven” (when did that become a thing?). Surreal.

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