China musings far from “home”

I am currently on a trip through Southern Utah’s red rock country, a place that feels like “home.” Later this week I fly to Seattle to re-visit yet another “home.” In the midst of this American summer holiday, however, my thoughts keep returning to Hong Kong and China, my present “home.”

With China on my mind, this week I will share two China-related media recommendations that I have enjoyed on the road.

1. The China History Podcast’s “History of Hong Kong”

The China History Podcast‘s ten-part History of Hong Kong (CHP episodes 101 to 110) is fascinating from start to finish. Browsing the archives, I plan to listen to many more of Laszlo Montgomery’s free podcasts on other aspects of China’s history.

The China History Podcast

2. Eric Li’s Ted Talk “A Tale of Two Political Systems”

The second, and more provocative of my two recommendations, is a Ted Talk by Eric X. Li, “A tale of two political systems,” which posits that a successful modern nation need not be democratic and that the ideal of a linear path of development culminating in universal multi-party democracy is a fallacy. Of particular interest is his rebuttal of claims that China’s one-party system is not: (1) adaptable; (2) merit-based; or (3) morally legitimate. At only twelve minutes long, it’s well worth the time invested.

Eric Li Ted Talk

10 responses to “China musings far from “home”

  1. I, too, will be in the US visiting the American Southwest (Arizona) and my hometown of Portland, Or. in just a few days. Thanks for the info on podcasts and TED Talks. Enjoy your travels.

  2. Thanks for the great info and tips! You have some beautiful photos of your various “homes.” Will definitely check out your recs. Here’s another interesting TED talk by Keith Chen that you might find intriguing about various savings rates across countries and structure of language. Really fascinating. Happy travels!

  3. I am going to watch that TED talk. Sounds fascinating. Thanks for pointing it out to me! And I love the U.S./Asia photos you’ve contrasted. Lovely. Hope you’re enjoying your trip!

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