Expat Lingo and Santa Mao wish you a Merry Christmas!

Serve Asian Santa Claus

Wishing you a very merry holiday!



The poster reads, “Serve Asian Santa Claus,” and is a dodgy play on Chairman Mao’s famous call to “Serve the People.” It pokes fun at the current American controversy over whether Santa Claus is white. (This being the holiday season, we Americans simply must argue about something ridiculous and divisive.)

Santa Banana via SCMP

Santa Banana via SCMP

Here in Hong Kong, I am certain that my children are visited by Asian Santa. Just yesterday a jolly biracial Santa Claus gave out early Christmas-present-teasers to children in my Tai Po neighborhood. Furthermore, last month a local Hong Kong man, Plato Chan aka ‘Santa Banana,’ won the 2013 Santa Winter Games in Sweden. It was all cool. Suck it Fox News’s Megyn Kelly.

The original text of this propaganda poster was, “沿着毛主席的革命文艺路线胜利前进,” which, roughly translated, is a calling to follow Chairman Mao’s path of Cultural Revolution to the victorious end. Smiling Chairman Mao himself, is under the Santa hat and beard.

The original propaganda poster image was snagged from “The China Story” by the Australian Centre for China in the World.

11 responses to “Expat Lingo and Santa Mao wish you a Merry Christmas!

  1. I’m with you- I’m sure there’s no point in limiting Santa to being a white American. I saw some lovely photos yesterday of my friend and her 5 year old son at a party in Bangalore, talking to Santa, who was Indian and female.

    • Freezing cold with no central heating is always a joy in southern China! We collectively huddled round the space heaters and sipped hot chocolate! It’s becoming a Christmas tradition of sorts. How far north does one have to move in China to encounter proper central heating?

      Hope you’re enjoying yourself, wherever you might be!

      • given you are from the Northwest, don’t you know techniques to make things warmer?

        ie put insulation foam against the outside walls, tape plastic film around the single pale windows

      • So far my biggest solution has been simply to put on more layers. Though I have also strategically placed anti-draft devices (rolled up towels) around drafty door jams.

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