Guangbiao Chen is no Red Banner Sister: business cards for the fantastical

Guangbiao Chen is a very wealthy Chinese businessman who enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame last week by arriving in America and proclaiming his intention to buy a stake in the New York Times. The most fantastical piece of the story, however, is his business card (above).

Red Banner Sister, this blog’s alter-ego, has a business card to match:

Red Banner Sister's business card _ Expat Lingo

Red Banner Sister recently announced her intention to buy a controlling interest in the Chinese fast food chain Kungfu (真功夫). Will she be rebuffed as Guangbiao Chen was?

Business Insider article with details on Chen Guangbiao’s desire to buy the New York Times
New York Times article referencing Chen Guangbiao’s interest
Business Insider article on Chen Guangbiao business card
Slate’s Chen Guangbiao business card generator
Who is Mei Lanfang (梅兰芳)?

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19 responses to “Guangbiao Chen is no Red Banner Sister: business cards for the fantastical

  1. This is just….amazing. No other word, simply amazing! I love your card, you are very creative.

    Postscript: I thought you would enjoy knowing that I was scolded today for letting my daughter go outside wearing only one pair of pants. The horror!

    • Ha! If your daughter comes down with a new and original illness, don’t say that Shanghai-er didn’t warn you! Sounds like Shanghai is enjoying some clean air right now. Enjoy it!

      Some might say that Red Banner Sister should fill her free time by polishing up her CV getting and a job. Some time in the future (like when RBS knows what country she will be living in in 6 months time) those people might be correct. For now, she stretches her mind through blogging.

      • your ‘business’ card is very cool…lampooning the CCP billionaires…

        now to create another one for CY Leung and Xi Jiping

    • Do you really think people apply Chen’s madness to everyone of Chinese heritage? (Oh wait, what am I saying. I forgot about the simple-minded folks who do things like equate Sikhs with Muslims. )

      If it’s any consultation, as an American overseas I’m still living down Bush’s legacy and Palin’s insanity.

      • I get your drift. Thankfully, most people are sensible enough not to generalise it to Chinese people as a whole. But Chen’s “media exposurability” (if it could be called that, or for want of a better description) does exert an impact out of all proportion.

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