Expat uncertainty fuels speed

Expat uncertainty fuels running speed _ expatlingo.com

I don’t know exactly which continent I’ll be living on after this summer.

This uncertainty has not improved my general mood.
This uncertainty has not improved my parenting.
This uncertainty has not improved by Chinese language studies.
This uncertainty has not improved my relationship with my spouse.

This uncertainty has vastly improved my running.

Yesterday morning, after arguing with my husband (across time zones via text message) about trivialities related to our potential fourth international move, I ran like I’ve never run before. I was the wind and nothing could slow me down as I sprinted 14k around Hong Kong’s Tolo Harbour from Ma On Shan to Sha Tin and back again.

I serpentined around the wheelchair-bound Cantonese pensioners being pushed about by maids from the Philippines.

I bounded over small coddled dogs wearing sweaters and their deposits of dog shit.

I disobeyed pedestrian crossing signals and flustered groups of fan wielding Tai Qi practitioners by cutting through their ranks with grim determination.

I was lightning. If thoughts could be visualized, a storm cloud of considerations and possibilities would have zapped from my head as projections onto the low clouds hanging in Hong Kong’s murky grey sky.

This typical plodder was a nimble gazelle.

Eventually continental decisions will become clear. Until then, I run. And I run faster than I ever thought I could. Result.

22 responses to “Expat uncertainty fuels speed

    • Perhaps this response to uncertainty is something all those breathtakingly swift Kenyan runners have already tapped into. (Of course, given the vagaries of international patent law, that doesn’t mean I can’t legally “own” the process, even as a recent “discoverer.” 😉 )

      • The possibilities could go to my head! (You’ve finally given me an interest in reviving my stagnant legal career, but perhaps I should just track down that Lent cake you posted the other day instead. After all, I am running.)

      • God knows… you’re capable of anything right now!

        I’ve just posted some new cake, in case the lent cake’s gone a bit stale. After all, you are running.

  1. Arghh! I feel your pain! And anxiously await the outcome! I’m still in Zhuhai while Vic is camped out in Shanghai working on the Disney project….leading me to wonder “what the heck am I doing here”? At least you can run like the wind!

    • Come to Hong Kong! I’m always happy to meet a dinner companion. Even one from Zhuhai who wants western food (Even after I’ve vowed to only eat at Sichuan restaurants for the next four months, I’ll still make an exception for those from the Mainland in dire straits.).

  2. I apologize in advance, but that song from Christopher Cross, “Run Like the Wind”, came to mind when I read this (and not the theme song from “Chariots of Fire”).

    …and now, I can’t get it out of my head.

    • Damn you for cursing me! How did you know “Run Like the Wind” was yet another one of the songs my parents listened to constantly? I’d (happily) forgotten about it… until now.

      It will now be stuck in my head every damn run I go on this week.

  3. Well..at least you got a workout….which is always a win. (Hope things get figured out soon..and if not, at least you’ll be in shape for what uncertainities come your way!)

    • I ran a great half-marathon in February. It felt wonderful and all the training was very therapeutic! For now I’ll keep running, and once I know where we’ll land, I’ll sign up for another race.

  4. Gonna miss your blogging about Hong Kong!! However, I’m sure you’ll have more witty things to say about your next stop!

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