Return to Shangri La

Return to Shangri La

Expat Lingo and her clan are on leave in remote China.

Following on from their earlier “Mythic China” trip, they will explore even further reaches of Yunnan Province.

Superlatives will abound!

This hardy foursome, including, as always, a three-year-old and seven-year-old, will:

Ascend to higher altitudes!

Devour greater quantities of lamb!

Endure extremest car sickness!

Tromp through deeper mud!

Spend longer hours wandering the Kunming Airport!

Gape at snowier mountain ranges!

Search more aggressively for their emotional resilience!

Poke things with even longer foraged sticks!

5 responses to “Return to Shangri La

    • Mid-way through a four hour hike with two little kids, I dug deep and found a whole new vein of emotional resilience. I’ll be mining it aggressively throughout the spring.

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