And now for something completely different

Original Ankor Wat at dawn image by Donald Macauley via Wikimediacommons here.

Original Angkor Wat image by Donald Macauley via Wikimedia commons here.

At the height of the Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet season, I am abandoning the Netherlands and briefly trading Holland’s seasonal, casual racism for a trip to Cambodia.

Instead of running through the cold, damp fog, I’ll be sweating my way through the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon. Rather than cycling my kids around Utrecht, I’ll be relaxing with a friend from Hong Kong and catching tuk tuk rides around Siem Reap.

Last minute tips? Do share.

24 responses to “And now for something completely different

  1. Good luck Jen! Carly looks fully prepared!

    Siem Riep is a lovely town to sit on a terrace and let the world pass by. Around the covered market there are plenty of nice restaurants!

    I’ll go on and casually be a racist 😜.

    Until Saturday that is, then I will convert to a choir girl to please Santa..

    Safe travels!

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    • Carly is certainly more prepared than me for the heat and humidity! But I am so looking forward to simply being hot (it’s been 0 and drizzly this week) that perhaps I’ll run fast despite the tropical climate!

      You Dutch are so charming and otherwise progressive that Zwarte Piet is rather surprising! (Especially perhaps to West Coast Americans!). I trust you’ve been visited by Sinterklaas and the Zwarte Pieten in Tai Po? Enjoy Sinterklaas Avond!

      When next we meet I’ll be trying out my clunky Dutch on you!


  2. I was lucky enough to do that run a few years ago. It’s a beautiful setting and the runners and crowd were very friendly.

    If you are not staying close to the course, the tuk tuk can wait around until you finish. You can also leave a long sleeved shirt there … It’s a bit cold before the dawn in an open tuk tuk.

    • Oh thanks for the tips! Especially the ‘disposable’ long sleeved shirt as I’m mid-packing and wouldn’t have thought about brining it along. I’m really looking forward to the run!

  3. You know the old saying, “like-blogger-expat-minds” think alike–I am literally in the middle of planning our Christmas trip to Cambodia right now when I took a break from searching for Battambang hotels to read this post, completely unaware of what it was about–what a funny coincidence! If you see a crazed woman yelling and chasing two wild kids around the Angkor temples, say hi, it will most likely be me! Travel safely.

    • Ha! I just know we would have been buddies had I moved to Shanghai (sniff) … probably we’d have been planning a joint-trip to Cambodia!

      I’ll be long gone by Christmas (I fly out tomorrow, yippie!), but will let you know if I stumble across any tips.

  4. Oh! You’re doing the Angkor half? Æ did that in 2012. Are the kids going? Tip if they are – the non-running parent will NOT be able to sleep in and front up just to see the finish. It got to the point where there was no getting in by the time the race was finishing.

    • I will being doing this trip without kids! Dear Mr. Expat Lingo will be doing the school run by bike and making dinner in the northern hemisphere dark while I’m hanging about Siem Reap with a friend doing whatever I please!

  5. Hey Jen, hope you had a great run! Congrats! We went as a family (with grandma in tow) a few years back and it was an incredible experience. Hubs & I did the half and kids & Gran did the 3K fun run. The best part was the post-race beer at the FCC Angkor 🙂

    I hear the Luang Prabang half is the next one to try.

    • Run and visit to Cambodia were both awesome. Just landed back in cold, rainy Holland. Already dreaming up my next visit to Asia. Thanks for the Luang Pranang tip! Will have to look it up.

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