One Expat’s New Year Wishes

One of the many light displays at this year's Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival

I wish for the following in 2015:

1. A year without moving.

2. The appearance of an authentically delicious taco truck in my Utrecht neighborhood every Thursday evening.

3. Dry weather during all bike-commuting times.

4. The elimination from the world of all ill-conceived paperwork.

5. Realizing and adopting the perfect relocatable, international vocation.

6. The discovery of a shop selling the (possibly imagined) coconut-flavored pancakes that I once ate on Java.

7. Empty seats next to me on every international flight.

8. For all of my friends to relocate to Utrecht. (Alternatively we could all move to ‘mythic tropical Scandinavia.’)

9. That the next James Bond movie is the best Bond film ever.

10. World peace, health and happiness. Or a least a better global sense of humor.

What are you wishing for?

18 responses to “One Expat’s New Year Wishes

  1. I am with you on the dry weather wish during all bike commuting times….
    A willing volunteer to do all my morning school drop offs would also be nice….very nice indeed 🙂

    • How old should children be before they cycle through the rain on their own to school? Probably quite a bit older than 3 and 7…. I have many rainy bike rides ahead of me.

  2. Jennifer, these are marvelous. I know that #10 is the best choice, but I must admit that I’m gravitating toward #7. 🙂 Thanks for another year of fabulous posts. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year! ~Terri

  3. Happy New Year Jen! RE wish #2, we actually have decent burritos in HK now (Little Burro). I’m wishing for more patience + a toaster for all the sizes of all the breads 🙂

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