Crushing drivers’ very souls: Utrecht transport planning

I now cycle my cargo bike a minimum of 110 kilometers per week. I cycle in the sun, I cycle in the rain, I cycle in the snow and I cycle in roaring headwinds.

I cycle because it’s fun, but more importantly, I cycle to be able to move freely around Utrecht without worrying about the road traffic manipulations dreamt up by Utrecht transportation planners.

Cyclists rule this city. You can cycle against traffic on most one-way streets. You can cycle on many lanes and paths where cars are not permitted. And perhaps most importantly, you can move between the artificial pizza-slices of Utrecht that cars are forbidden to pass between.

Does the pizza-analogy make sense? A graphic of Utrecht as a pizza with flecks of basil as origin and destination points might help:

By bike or on foot, you can criss-cross the city as the bird flies, but by car, if you want to cross from one pizza slice to another, you must first drive to the outer-crust (ring road) and then back into your desired slice of the city.

The guiding principle of Utrecht traffic planners is to make driving so irritating that everyone opts to cycle or take the bus instead.

Devilishly brilliant.

Original pizza photo source here.

8 responses to “Crushing drivers’ very souls: Utrecht transport planning

    • Nope, no registration required. I do have bike insurance, but that also doesn’t require registration, just the original receipt from purchasing the bike (plus a police report in case of making a claim).

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