Glorious Marketing

The world is saturated with tiresome advertisements and marketing campaigns. This spring, however, I’ve found secret delight in two Dutch campaigns.

The first:

Doe Mee! _

In my English-laden mind, the goofy guy in this ad has been shouting “Do me!” all month. I snicker every time I pass it, which is often as it’s plastered all over Utrecht. I prefer to ignore the Dutch-comprehending part of my mind which knows that the ad really just says: “Sign up and join free!

The ad also says you can get “summer fit in 8 weeks.” I find it completely endearing that a Dutch company uses this nerdy, “everyman” to encourage pre-summer fitness. I nice contrast to the horrid “beach body” ad that was plastered all of the London Tube (see the funny responses to the repellant ad campaign here).

I suppress my quiet giggles at every bus shelter in town, and also in the frozen food section of every Albert Heijn grocery store when I spy stacks of this frozen pizza:

Big Americans _

Something about the pluralization of “American” makes it wrong, right? 

Of course the company must know saying “Big American Pizza” would have been more accurate, but also would have denied them the opportunity of a barely concealed slight.

16 responses to “Glorious Marketing

  1. I’m getting slightly better about giggling over the “do me” now after seven years, but it still gets me sometimes. And on so many levels, I refuse to buy Big Americans pizza. Not sure why that one is “Texan”, though.

    • The only thing missing is an image of a ten-gallon hat and an off-color reference to “cowboys and indians.” Maybe it’s on the backside.

  2. Having grown up in Texas, I can honestly say there are plenty of Texans who would benefit from the Doe Mee guy’s program.

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