Moving back to Hong Kong

Bobby Ewing Hong Kong dream _

In 1986, an entire season of the American TV series Dallas was written-off as merely a dream. A key character, Bobby Ewing, had been killed off at the end of Season 8. When the following season’s ratings started to tank, it was deemed necessary to re-introduce Bobby to the show.

But how to solve the problem of resurrecting a dead character? The writers’ answer was simple and absurd: they ended the entire season with the character Pam Ewing waking up and realizing that Season 9 (all 30 episodes) had been a dream and that Bobby Ewing was still alive.

It turns out that our own delightful nine months in the Netherlands has been the equivalent of Dallas Season 9: a temporary departure from a largely south China-based plot line.

Wake up Red Banner Sister: we are moving back to Hong Kong this summer!

41 responses to “Moving back to Hong Kong

  1. OMG! It feels like everyone is leaving at the same time! Whyyyyyyyy????
    Best wishes with your move! The excitement never ends does it? 🙂

  2. I’ve informed the authorities of your imminent arrival – expect a full body search on arrival at the airport. 😉

    • All those Friday evenings I spent competing with my little brother to hum the entire Dallas theme song without taking a breath, must have warn off on me!

  3. Oh wow – what a nice surprise! Welcome back – and lucky you, you are missing out on the torrential rainstorms that are hitting the city these days! Stay in beautiful spring-Utrecht for now 🙂

    • Somehow I do feel more at home in Hong Kong, but I’ve lived in that area for six years and only nine months here. I do like Utrecht, but I am happy to be moving back to Hong Kong.

    • I didn’t really remember it either, until I came across a reference to it a few months back and looked it up. Maybe when you’re only 10 or so, “it was all a dream” references fly over one’s head? Or maybe the babysitter that I used to watch it with stopped babysitting before that season?

      Thanks for the good wishes on the move!

  4. I’d imagine it will be quite a shock moving back to smog filled/pressure cooker such as HK. The city’s sentiment changed quite a bit while you were away with all the on-going political debates. Must be hard to leave such lovely place after spending time settling in but I’m sure you’ll adjust in no time. Maybe a bit tough for the kids though.

  5. Yeah! Just in time for snake season 🙂 But seriously, really excited to hear you’re returning. Hope we get a chance to meet up.

      • Doubtful! We’ve had a lot of activity and sightings this year. A Cobra in the middle of Cyberport dog park even! Anyhoo, I look forward to catching up! Cheers, Jen

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