A bakfiets in Hong Kong?

Bakfiets (cargo bike) _ expatlingo.com

I am attached to my cargo bike. In Cambridge, I bought and fell in love with a bike that corners like a dream and hauls anything from babies in car seats to Christmas trees. Being prudent, I sold it to some guy from Leeds before moving to Hong Kong in 2012.

When we returned to Europe, the first thing I did in Utrecht was buy another bakfiets. I love it even more than the first time around. I barrel down the cycle paths, bullying cyclists on lesser bikes. I am so used to handling it that it is like an extension of my body.

As we are moving back to Hong Kong this summer, I know I should sell my bike, but I am desperately trying to justify keeping it.

Before doubling over in laughter at the folly of even thinking of using a cargo bike on either Hong Kong Island or in Kowloon, you must realize that I will (once again) live in the New Territories, a place where real, dedicated cycle paths exists. (Follow this link for a slightly outdated set of government cycle paths.)

So in addition to occasionally riding up and down the cycle paths ringing the Tolo Harbour (and dodging the clusters of very amateur cyclists that clog those paths), what could I use my cargo bike for?

Below is my ridiculous short list.

1. Taco bike

Drawback: Steep price of importing proper ingredients.

2. Pedal cab to transport commuters around traffic jams

Drawback: Certain death by luxury car, probably with a vanity plate reading something like “L0L” or “G0D”.

3. Hire out bike to Hong Kong’s Dutch community to help them stage Sinterklaas‘s arrival

Drawback: I might be requested to pedal Zwarte Piet around as well.

4. Invent new extreme sport, “cargo bike mountain surfing,” involving balancing oneself in the box part of a cargo bike while traveling down from The Peak at aggressively high speeds.

Drawback: Same as point number 2.

5. Suspend from my ceiling as a rather cumbersome tchotchke

Drawback: Waste of a great bike.

And your fanciful suggestions?

(I know, I should just sell it.)

15 responses to “A bakfiets in Hong Kong?

  1. First off, I’d be happy to store it for you until your return. Of course we would use so as to keep it limber and ready for your return. Ultimately this bike is never going out of style. You can always get one if you need one. If there is room…take it. 🙂

  2. Bring it – especially if there are bicycle lanes! A luxury we don’t have here in Thailand!

    Even if you use it ones it’s worth it 😉

  3. Well, I would say that one thing all Asian cities need is a good photo opportunity. All you have to do to justify bringing it, is hang out on the sidewalk for a few hours, fill the cart with cats in boxes or flowers if you want it to be easy (pfft) and charge for people to take pictures on your bike. There you go, problem solved!

  4. Hi I just drop by and would like to leave a message after read this post. I am born and raised in hk and has been living in NL for eight years.
    It is such a brilliant and brave idea to take the bakfiets to hk!!! I can imgage how u deeply in love with it. 🙂

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