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The Tai Po River on a different, wetter day.

Eight or so older men were lined up along a concrete platform overlooking the Tai Po River. They wore camouflaged clothing and all carried camouflaged bags for photographic equipment.

Their equipment was impressive. They had the common goal of capturing bird photos and so they all had at least one telephoto lens the size of my thigh. They each also owned a wide selection of smaller lenses.

Mainly their cameras were mounted on tri-pods, but a few enterprising photographers had left the flatness of the concrete platform and were clambering through the undergrowth near the river in order to get a better shot.

For a moment I passed judgment that the volume of camera equipment on display in order to catch a picture of an egret in a concrete-lined, nearly dry river bed was ridiculous.

And then I reflected on the massive Dutch cargo bike that I just moved to Hong Kong and realized that when you enjoy something as much as they do, you don’t see yourself as being completely and ludicrously over-equipped. You see yourself as being ready.

The movers confirmed that this was the first bike of this sort that they've unpacked in Hong Kong.

The movers confirmed that this was the first bike of this sort that they’ve unpacked in Hong Kong.

Love is blind.

What is your blind spot?

12 responses to “Over-equipped

  1. Books, in general, and my art history books in particular, were the things that I found it hard to leave behind, so I brought more than I probably should have, considering the weight! But books can be like old friends and some you just can’t leave behind.

      • Autumn has arrived today. It’s definitely much cooler and I didn’t want to get out from under the cozy duvet this morning. We had sunshine earlier, but now the rain has arrived, of course.

      • There was a day in October last year that I walked around Amelisweerd and the leaves were so yellow that I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. Enjoy!

  2. Mine is vinyl records and books also – both rather heavy and bulky items which some may say are unnecessary in this digital age especially when you live in the confined space of a boat! Still I love them and will never go digital! NEVER!!!!!

  3. Just like Batman and his Batmobile Red Banner Sister wouldn’t be without her Speedwagon. It may double as a mobile taco stand when travel incognito. Well done!

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