A decade abroad

The bright lights of Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui circa 2005 (photo courtesy of my mom, Linda Brown)

The bright lights of Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui circa 2005. 

Ten years ago, my husband and I touched down in Hong Kong. Staggering out of the airport and into the hot air of the darkening evening, we found a red taxi and sped to the Holiday Inn Golden Mile on Nathan Road. Eyes agog from the neon and motion, ears buzzing with languages and traffic noise, we went up to our room and spied out the curtains at the wall of residential windows across the narrow street, each brimming with compactly lived lives.

The day before we had said our goodbyes to my family on a dark, rainy street corner in Seattle after a dinner at The Pink Door. Now in Hong Kong and unable to sleep, we flipped through the TV channels studying commercials and counting the hours until the morning ferry would take us across the Pearl River Delta to our new home: Zhuhai, China.

Since that first night on Nathan Road we’ve enjoyed many wonderful adventures, made many great friends and have added two young expat kids to our family.

It is particularly special to mark this occasion based back in Hong Kong, the same place we spent our first night abroad a decade ago.

Thanks to every person and each place that has made these ten-years so wonderful!

(Photo credit to my mom, Linda Brown)

8 responses to “A decade abroad

  1. Aww! It’s really nice to get a peek into your first experiences in Hong Kong — I mean, to when you first became an expat. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what it was like to be a new expat, and it can be incredibly hard to relate being an expat to those who’ve never traveled or lived abroad. A glimpse like this can help make those experiences more tangible.

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