Happy New Year 恭喜發財!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Or was it Gung Hei Faat Coi, Kung Hey Fat Choy or Gung Hay Faat Choi?

Bothersome (sly, mysterious, pain-in-the-neck, lovable) Cantonese! Can we agree on nothing?

Well, no matter how you chose to romanize the traditional Cantonese Lunar New Year greeting, 恭喜發財 means:

Congratulations and may you prosper (in the New Year)!

Please enjoy these photos from 2016’s New Year Wishing Festival in Lam Tsuen, Hong Kong.

For more background on the Wishing Festival (and a suggested list (!) of possible wishes) please see this older post: Hong Kong Wishing Festival: “The Hope will be real*” (*even if your house won’t actually fill with gold).

Hong Kong Wishing Festival 2016



Throw your wishes (tied to fake oranges) into the (now fake) wishing tree!




10 responses to “Happy New Year 恭喜發財!

    • We visited the wishing tree and also saw the fireworks over the Victoria Harbour. Outside of Mong Kok on the first night of the new year, everything seems pretty normal for this time of year.

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