An expat’s non-transitional spring of bliss


Not moving anywhere

The skies are blue and Hong Kong’s spring sunshine has warmed me up.

But something is missing?

It’s March and yet I don’t have a nagging ball of worry in my stomach.

Yes, I’ve just realized that this is the first spring in five years that our family has not had an actual or potential international move hanging over our heads.

I am floating around like a cloud.

I am not worried about school applications.

Unlike past years, see: Flowchart: what school should my expat child attend next year?

Int'l school decision flowchart _

I am not weighing out the “what ifs” during every run through the warm spring air.

See: Expat uncertainty fuels speed

Expat uncertainty fuels running speed _

and Oh! The places you could go for your next expat posting!

A rainbow of choices for your next expat assignment!

My life is not saturated with constant high-grade stress.

See: Juche ideology for the expat soul

Kim Jong-il searches for my emotional resilience _

and Be water my expat friend.

Be water, my friend (Bruce Lee) _

I am suddenly so at ease that you might be able to hear my joyful sigh from wherever in the world you are.

To those of you entering a period of anxiety and transition: you have my deepest empathy and sympathy. You might open a bottle of wine and the cathartic old posts I’ve linked to.

As for me, I’m celebrating!


8 responses to “An expat’s non-transitional spring of bliss

  1. Good for you. It’s always nice when things come together, when hard work has paid off and when you just get a break!!!

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