Hot belly warning

Hong Kong is on the cusp of the hot weather season, a time of beach outings, ice cream and multiple, sweat-induced bra changes per day.

On particularly hot days, when the temperature climbs over 33 degrees C (91.4 F), the Hong Kong Observatory issues the “Very Hot Weather Warning,” and instructs residents to drink plenty of water, to keep out of the sun and to seek AC or proper ventilation.


Official warning icon: functional, but boring

Residents also prepare for the heat in their own ways. Parents fold sweat-catching towels into the backs of their children’s shirts, hikers opt for night hikes, office workers don short sleeves and old men prepare their round bellies for public exposure.

The later practice, inspired my proposed new Hot Weather Warning icon for the Hong Kong Observatory:

Belly season-2

Are you ready for Hong Kong’s hot season?

18 responses to “Hot belly warning

  1. Our hottest season ever in the last 50 years just ended with a large storm, meaning that the Monsoon season is here. Thank God! Over 40C almost every day for two months was even more than this heat-loving lady could take. 🙂 Good luck with the hot summer!

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