One guide to every Hong Kong shopping mall

As an American who grew up in the sprawl of the Great American West, I am accustomed to scanning the horizon and easily spotting stores, restaurants, post offices, banks, etc. You never need a map or app to find a gas station or a grocery store: just drive a couple of blocks and keep your eyes open.

Ten years ago I approached Hong Kong with the same straightforward manner of exploration. I walked down a street in Central looking for something to eat and a place to buy a book. Based my American West thinking I soon determined that the people of Hong Kong eat jewelry and read banking slips.

I learned that one must hunt for things in Hong Kong. A bookstore will be tucked away four floors up on a hidden level unnoticeable from street level. Reasonably priced, delicious food will be down a pedestrian bridge in phase III of a shopping center. Useful bargains will be on a side street somewhere between Sham Shui Po and Mong Kok. Unique stores, restaurants and bars of true utility will be so well hidden that they are almost impossible to find even the second or third time you visit.

As a public service to newcomers and visitors, I have created a Hong Kong shopping guide that can be used throughout the territory in every shopping area:

Hong Kong Shopping mall guide _

Large, downloadable version is available here.

6 responses to “One guide to every Hong Kong shopping mall

  1. Hahahhaa. So true in Thailand as well. Uncanny, really, the resemblance 😉 Maybe they all stem from one brilliant architect 😉

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