Trump in Cantonese

Trump in Cantonese cover

Want to discuss American politics with the old guys airing their birds in Hong Kong’s parks? This Cantonese lesson will provide you with all the necessary vocabulary!

Dak6 Long5 Pou2

Racist/racial discrimination
zung3 zuk6 kei4 si6

Outrageous beyond reasonable limits
lei4 pou2  

Crazy guy
din1 lou5

He irritates me
Ngo5 bei2 keoi5 gik1 can1

caang2 sik1

ngai4 him2

I vote for Clinton
Ngo5 tau4 bei2 Hak1 Lam4 Deon6

After you try out these words and phrases on your Cantonese speaking friends, you might want to lighten the mood by sharing this fake Donald Trump commercial with them. Known as “The Japanese Donald Trump Commercial,” it portrays him as complete buffoon, Japanese-style.

(Background image of Trump as camel (?) at the top is a still from “The Japanese Donald Trump Commercial.”)

13 responses to “Trump in Cantonese

  1. Would you be fortunate enough to get home just in time to catch the procession of clowns in Cleveland his summer? This may be both entertaining and scary at the same time.

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