Dreaming of tacos and Venn diagrams

Recently, a tapas place in Sai Kung transformed itself into a taco place. Or more specifically a fusion taco place. Aka a crappy taco place.

Some people are willing to eat Mexican food in Hong Kong. Sadly, too many disappointments have knocked any Asian-based, taco-desire out of me.

I only ended up at the tapas-turned-taco-place in Sai Kung because I had not known about their rash transformation. Eating there only re-confirmed my anti-Hong Kong-taco-bias. There were two unforgivable taco violations: (1) their use of wheat rather than corn tortillas; and, (2) meh fillings.

To avoid future food disappointment, I have created a Venn diagram to guide location-based food choices:

Hong Kong vs US food options in a Venn diagram-4

Any alterations before lamination?

(Note: Dim sum is only included in the intersection because of the recent appearance of Din Tai Fung in Seattle. If Salt Lake City’s Red Iguana opened a branch in Hong Kong, tacos and mole could be shifted to the intersection. This will never happen.)

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