Copying America to sell Hong Kong

This week, American marketers have embraced patriotism and nationalism to sell soda, beer, cars, fireworks, cupcake mix, lawn chairs, tires and anything else that an American flag can be stuck to.

I hereby encourage Hong Kong beverage producer, Vitasoy, to steal this strategy from Budweiser and Coke.

Here is what a normal box of Vitasoy’s Vita Lemon Tea (“VLT”) looks like:

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.00.34 AM

Here is what Vitasoy could do with a dash of over-the-top, American-style, pro-Hong Kong marketing:

If bookseller Lam Wing Kee could be photographed drinking from a re-branded VLT box sales would boom!

The only hitch is the trouble Vitasoy would run into with the mainland Chinese government.


5 responses to “Copying America to sell Hong Kong

  1. No one does patriotism like the US of A (except maybe North Korea). Having just been in the States, I especially enjoyed the cheek of the TV marketers linking NASCAR with those rebels from the American Revolution. Slingshot it, George!

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