A tale of two school systems

Hey kids! It’s back to school time!

In celebration of the season, I present the following contrasting school stamps/stickers for teachers.

Stamps found at a stationary store in Hong Kong: Work Faster, Incomplete, Messy, Lazy and You Did Not Listen.

Each stamp is bluntly honest in its assessment of student work. Note: the store also sells stamps bearing messages such as Very Creative and Well Done. It balances out.

Stickers from a school supply store in the US: Way to go!, Great  Job!, You’re a Winner!, Wonderful! and WOW!.

Every sticker in the store is gushingly positive and exclamation point filled as these. The most negative sticker I could find said Good Try!.

With that, I say goodbye to the US for the season. See you in Hong Kong.

6 responses to “A tale of two school systems

  1. Hi Jen, I am enjoying your blogs as always and could comment extensively on a couple (ie. it is really worth it for family relations to shut up about guns and politics to keep the peace)

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