The jet lag inquisition

The fugue state brought on by swiftly shifting continents is commonly known as jet lag. Sufferers exist in a dazed dream state, unsure it if is night or day and confused about whether to pour coffee or wine.

This state requires one to constantly contemplate the international school “unit of inquiry” question: Where are we in time and place?

Jet Lag Inquisitor: So, where are you in time and place?

Self: It is the late summer of 2016 in Hong Kong and it is 4 am.

The deep jet lag that settles in after an entire summer spent on another cultural continent insists on even further inquiry.

Jet Lag Inquisitor: Yes, but who are you really? Why are you here? What exactly are you doing?

Self: I am here in Hong Kong raising children and studying Cantonese, volunteering, writing and hiking a lot.

But still the jet lag inquisitor is insistent.

Jet Lat Inquisitor: Yes, that’s all well and good but WHY?

Self: I think because I like it… At least I liked it last June when I left, but you’re right: What am I doing? How long should I do it? Who am I? What time is it? Is there any coffee? Can you just shut up about all this for a week?

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