Hong Kong hiking moments in GIF form

Between now and November 18th, I’ll be hiking roughly one trillion miles across the mountains of Hong Kong in order to prepare for the 100 kilometer-long Oxfam Trailwalker event.

To celebrate these miles of hiking with friends, I present you with Hong Kong hiking moments in GIF form:

The first welcome rain on a hot summer hike:


When it rains throughout every hike for a month:

132bzoatymsqc0Coming within inches of a face-sized spider dangling across the trail:


“We’re going to need a bigger stick.”

Upon nearly stepping on a snake: 


When I wear Korean arm covers in order to hike despite a sun/sunscreen-related rash: 


If a friend mistakenly opens her backpack in Kam Shan Country Park: 


My non-hiking friends when I start talking about hiking (again):


And when my team (hopefully) finishes the entire Oxfam Trailwalker:



4 responses to “Hong Kong hiking moments in GIF form

  1. Would love the opportunity to hike and explore further the wilds of HK. And finally good hiking weather time is nigh. How are the temps in HK now? Conducive to hiking?

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