Five Smog Haikus

Hong Kong

1. Air Quality App Not Needed

Her tongue could taste the
pungent stealthy stench of an
AQI at red

2. Lost

Where have those peaks gone?
Mountains stood there yesterday!
Now just muffled ash

3. Covert Operation

Polluted air seeps
furtively into nostrils,
tempting bronchitis

3. Hashtag

Photo from The Peak
#nofilter #hongkong #cooltrip(?)
Grey shades filled the frame

5. Pink Lungs

Rather than running
Her pink lungs are sealed inside
Waiting out the murk

5 responses to “Five Smog Haikus

  1. Boo hoo. Today is the first time, since I moved to HK a few months ago, that I could distinctively smell the smog. Hope this goes away soon. Maybe the typhoon/rain will wash it out…

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