Hong Kong’s FOODi neighborhood

The world was stunned the day that Hong Kong’s largest shopping mall, Harbour City, broke off from the Tsim Sha Tsui peninsula and drifted out into Victoria Harbour.

Later investigations revealed that the ‘2 million square feet of prime retail space’ lacked the structural strength required to support the weight of thousands and thousands of Golden Week tourists carrying Louis Vuitton bags.

Floating across the Pearl River Delta, the mall eventually lodged itself in the side of Macau’s Cotai Strip. It is rumored that the marooned tourists did not notice the difference, although one is recorded as saying, “I am double happy! Now my tour group can shop, eat, gamble and watch The House of Dancing Water!”

That astonishing event blessed Hong Kong with a barren scrap of land in the heart of the city. From the mud and broken pilings, rose our beloved Kowloon Food District, “FOODi” for short.

Today every Hongkonger enjoys egg tarts, tacos, dim sum, lumpia, roast goose, cake doughnuts and other delicious nibbles all while lounging on Hong Kong’s largest expanse of soft, green grass.

Imagine Kowloon’s Tsim Sha Tsui neighborhood without it?



2 responses to “Hong Kong’s FOODi neighborhood

    • Shit, I’d forgotten about Dan Ryan’s return. I’ll add another line relocating so that it survives the Harbour City break away. I think you’d find the China Ferry Terminal to be even more convenient?

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