Awards and Recognition

Hey cool! Expat Lingo has received the following blogging recognition:

The popular post, Hong Kong Warning Icons, was picked up and featured on Hong Kong Free Press.

To my delight, the post “Ten “Mainland Moments” in Hangzhou” was Freshly Pressed by WordPress.

Expat Lingo has also been featured on WordPress’s “The Daily Post” in “Focus on: Expat Life Blogs.”

Expat Lingo is “highly recommended” on the well-established and fabulous site, Hong Kong Blogs Review. Read the full review here. Their essay-style blog reviews are a joy to read in themselves, so if you’re interested in Hong Kong take a look at HKBR.


Expat Lingo has been granted the following blogging awards by my fellow bloggers (Thanks everyone!):

Kristen at Expatially Mexico nominated me for the Inspiring Blog Award.

Fellow Hong Kong blogger, Bluebalu, awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award.

Kristen at Expatially Mexico and Maggie at Fly Away Home honored me with the Sunshine Award.

Global Anni nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Expat Alien nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

中国Jumble kindly nominated me for the Liebster Award.


10 responses to “Awards and Recognition

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  2. So many awards! Congratulations!!! And it is interesting to read all those things that you shared in your post.
    I, too, love geckos and their funny smacking noises. Unfortunately, both our cat and our dog take a particular liking to them, too… They seem to be not only cute but also scrumptious. (The geckos, I mean. No misunderstandings, please!) Yikes.

      • Yikes. We have less since we have the cat. It’s like with the woman who swallowed a fly… 😉 Good luck with the cockroaches, they are so not fun!

    • Right, time for a new topic in the post queue: 红旗妹妹 visits Chungking Mansions, great den of low market, globalized capitalism. Will she become a convert? Or will she overthrow the “capitalist roaders” and “imperialist running dogs”?

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